COSMOS Project

Educational Activities

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COSMOS Education Toolkit

‘COSMOS Education Toolkit’ provides a curriculum that blends the three disciplines of mathematics, science, and computer science, into a seamless package that helps prepare students to be competitive in an evolving, international workforce. We currently support 125 experiements.

Math Labs

Science Labs

CS Labs

The work on the toolkit was funded in part by NSF awards CNS-1827923 (COSMOS), EFMA-1641100 (NewLAW EFRI), ECCS-1547406, CNS-1650685, CNS-1650669, CNS-1702952, CNS-1527750, ECCS-1547332, CNS-1513110, CNS-1730043, CNS-1329939, OAC-1541069, Columbia Data Science Institute, and by AT&T foundation. COSMOS is part of National Science Foundation’s PAWR program.