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RET Summer Program 2018

The COSMOS RET Program 2018 was a six-week summer program (July 9 to August 17). In this summer activity, 10 teachers from NYC conducted experimental

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COSMOS Project Announcement

NSF Announced a $22.5M Platforms for Advanced Wireless (PAWR) Grant awarded to the COSMOS project led by Rutgers, Columbia, and NYU in partnership with New York City, Silicon Harlem,

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COSMOS is part of the National Science Foundation’s PAWR program and is funded in part by NSF award CNS-1827923 and by the PAWR Industry Consortium.

Rutgers University.

Dipankar Raychaudhuri and Ivan Seskar
671 Route 1 South
North Brunswick, NJ 08902-3390

Columbia University

Gill Zussman
Electrical Engineering, M.C. 4712
500 West 120th Street, Room 1300
New York, NY 10027

New York University

Sundeep Rangan
2 MetroTech Center, 9th Fl,
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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