NGIatlantic Funds a Collaboration Between Open AR Cloud (OARC) Association, COSMOS, and Rutgers/WINLAB

NGIatlantic funds a collaboration between Open AR Cloud (OARC) association, COSMOS, and Rutgers/WINLAB

NGIatlantic 3rd open call funds a collaborative project between Open AR Cloud (OARC) association, COSMOS, and Rutgers/WINLAB. The project is titled “Deployment and Evaluation of a 5G Open Spatial Computing Platform in a Dense Urban Environment.” It will focus on Spatial computing which is a broad term for a suite of technologies that result in users being immersed, engaged, and interacting with spatial and temporal digital information that pertain to the physical space in, around, and near the user. It consists of a superset of technologies required for traditional augmented reality. The Open AR Cloud (OARC) association, dedicated to the development of technologies and standards for open and interoperable spatial computing components on which an ecosystem of companies and their services can flourish, has already designed and implemented important building blocks of an Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP). 

The project will replicate the proven components of the OSCP (currently implemented only in European testbeds) on the US-based COSMOS research platform and permit experiments to increase maturity and features of the OSCP components and to demonstrate the OSCP functionality and benefits to more diverse US-based target audiences. The experiments to be conducted are relevant to key NGI enabling technologies including but not limited to 5G, IoT, Big Data and Next Generation Media. All these technologies are fundamental to the research goals and vision of OARC for the future. The proposed NGI experiments would provide the first-ever qualitative and quantitative study of the OSCP components in 5G-enabled campus environments. Using the edge cloud resources and architecture, the project will permit the study of seamlessly updating and changing the 3D map of the real world to which a moving user’s queries are sent.